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We reduce the solid waste stream and change the way the built environment is renewed by salvaging building materials and distributing them for reuse.

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About Us

In the spring of 2022, the Michigan Deconstruction Collaborative (MDC), a joint venture of American Classic Construction, The ReUse People, and the Center for Community & Economic Development at Michigan State University, was formed to provide deconstruction services and building-materials salvage to building owners in Michigan.

Recognizing the need for landfill diversion, a cleaner environment, embodied energy savings, community re-invigoration and job training, these three distinct organizations established MDC. Nationally, up to 50 percent of a city’s solid waste steam is made up of construction and demolition debris. Through building-materials salvage, reuse and recycling at least 80 percent of this debris can be diverted.

Michigan Deconstruction Collaborative (517) 610-2434 | Nat Hooper:

Working with MDC, the Michigan State University Center for Community and Economic Development (CCED) will provide administrative support, conduct market analysis and feasibility research to help the collaborative better understand the potential market for deconstruction services and used build-materials retailing, and will identify potential sites for the future development of a dedicated deconstruction and material-reuse facility in western Michigan. CCED will also complete a full waste-diversion case study of deconstruction projects completed by MDC, including both carbon and embodied-energy savings achieved through the processes of deconstruction and material reuse.

Founded in 2002, American Classic Construction (ACC) is known for its expertise in roofing, general construction, recycling and waste hauling. ACC is also a retailer and distributor of new building materials from some of America’s foremost manufacturers. As a member of the Michigan Deconstruction collaborative, ACC provides deconstruction and building-materials salvage services, and is the first certified deconstruction contractor in Michigan, with a total of 350 employees. Drawing on its existing knowledge of retailing, ACC will facilitate the development of a used building-materials retail facility for the materials captured through deconstruction.

The ReUse People (TRP) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation. Since 1993, architects, contractors, building owners and federal, state, and local governments have relied on TRP to keep reusable and recyclable building materials out of overburdened landfills. When a building is de-constructed (rather than demolished), up to 80 percent of the materials can be salvaged and channeled back into the marketplace through donations and sales at TRP’s network of retail outlets. Building owners receive generous tax deductions for donating the materials salvaged from their projects to TRP or other IRS-qualified nonprofits. TRP conducts certificate training programs for workers seeking new career opportunities in the construction trades and contractors looking to expand their services to encompass the growing field of deconstruction.

Our Services

What We Do

TRP offers the following green services and products:

  •  Building materials donation and deconstruction
  •  Building materials salvage
  •  Building materials distribution
  •  Great deals on reclaimed building materials and lumber
  •  Project management
  •  Training
  •  Consulting services
  •  Reuse and recycling plans